2015-11 FreeFlo Conference

November 8, 2015, Holiday Inn Orlando International Airport, Orlando, FL

The common belief is that Skeptics, Free-Thinkers and Atheists aren’t well-known for having much of a community spirit. The notion that such rabid individualists would not only congregate, but would have a three-day conference attracting Humanists and non-believers from across the nation might seem oxymoronic to some and utterly terrifying to others. This was my second attendance of the Annual Conference of the Florida Humanist Association and I was wonderfully pleased with the wit and passion of the speakers and sociability of my fellow attendees.


It’s complicated. Poorly thought out arguments and personal attacks don’t do anyone any good. But staying silent and letting the ignorant continue to believe that everyone is like them doesn’t do any good either. We have to decide how and where we choose to speak up and do it by just being good people who do the right thing because that can be its own reward and it just feels damn good. Also, we’re not alone in our journeys through this life, even if there isn’t an invisible snoop watching us from above.


* Links to Dr. Bennett’s work:

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  * Amazon Link: Logically Fallacious: The Ultimate Collection of Over 300 Logical Fallacies (Academic Edition)

  * Amazon Link: Positive Humanism: A Primer

* Amazon Link: How to Defeat Religion in 10 Easy Steps by Dr. Ryan Cragun

* Salon article: “I just don’t believe this anymore”: Why I abandoned my faith by Sarah Morehead

* Matt Dillahunty’s YouTube channel

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