2013-09 Pinupalooza 2013-1 Pre- & Post Contest Photos

<a href="https://www.facebook.com/bellydancelessons" target="_blank">Ilia</a>

2013-09-07, Orlando FL.

Quoting their website, “PinUpalooza 2013 is (was) a one day celebration of pin-up girl art, culture, fashion, photography and the community at large.” This was the follow-up to the much smaller “Pre-Pinupalooza” I’d attended back in July and former Full Sail University student/pin-up photographer, Al Abbazia, was one of the judges for the main contest. I did my photo-journalist thing and shot over 500 photos. Life is, indeed, rough sometimes.

Pre-contest & Post-contest photos of the girls posing, smiling and having fun.

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