2000-07 Benjamin's Picture Book

2000-07-18, Hawaiian Gardens CA.

Based on my father’s memories spending his afternoons with his “Abuelita” (grandmother) as a kindergartner. This “popsicle-stick” animation was created using the characters and scenes drawn by 1st & 2nd graders, 1st & 2nd grade actors/animators and 2nd grade readers during a 2000 summer school session at my Magnet school, Furgeson Academy of Communication & Technology (FACT) in Hawaiian Garden, CA. Enjoy.

Written, Produced and Directed by Joe Bustillos

Filmed on Location in Hawaiian Gardens, CA

Benjamin 1 by Roscoe Gordo

Benjamin 2 by Nicole Tourtellotte

Abuelita by Gustavo Roa

Benjamin 3 by Edwin Cude

Ruth by Valerie Alvarez

Teacher by Marisela Herrarte

Sad Crowd by Anthony Rios

Narration read by Nicole Tourtellotte

Edwin Cude

Marisela Herrarte

Pricilla Marquez

Roscoe Gordo

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