I grew up with Beatles and the Eagles and at some point I expressed my teenage Jesus-Freak angst with my own mostly downer tunes. All of which has nothing to do with OHD’s latest EP, “Lied To Me,” except that I am so happy that my talented friends have recorded this short collection of Rockabilly tunes that approaches the charm and fun of their live gigs.

This video is a collection of images shot from performances by the Oak Hill Drifters from 2016 to 2018 set to the title song of their latest EP, "Lied To Me." Images are from the following shows: 2016-01 Smiling Bison (Orlando FL), 2016-05 Orlando Fringe, 2016-06 Little Fish Huge Pond (Sanford FL), 2016-07 Om Bar (New Symrna Beach), 2016-07 Foxhead Lounge (Osteen FL), 2017-06 Route 46 (Sanford FL), 2017-07 Ace Club (Orlando FL), 2017-07 Outriggers Tiki Bar & Grill (New Smyrna Beach FL), 2018-04 Viva Las Vegas21 (Las Vegas NV).

Please, do yourself a favor and download this EP, open an adult beverage of your choice and crank up your media player to “LOUD” and enjoy.

Oak Hill Drifters – Lied to Me (Amazon affiliate link)

Oak Hill Drifters – Lied to Me (Apple iTunes link)

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