2016-01 Oak Hill Drifters at Smiling Bison

2016-01-08 Smiling Bison (Orlando FL). I first saw the Oak Hill Drifters in 2013 when they were the opening act playing in a tiny bar in Sanford FL as part of a little Pin-Up model event. After that I’d catch them here and there around town and have really come to love their fun banter, the cozy places they play at and the amazing talent they present. Since December (2015) I decided to bring my cameras to their events and capture some of the fun (apologies about the lousy lighting for most of the videos, but the sound is great!). Video posted below gallery. Enjoy.

"Bad Bad Love" performed by the Oak Hill Drifters

Oak Hill Drifters are:

* Rachel Decker on vocals and acoustic guitar

* Tom Cooper on vocals, electric and steel guitar

* Craig Roy on upright bass

* Tom Pearce on drums

* George K. Dimitrov on guitar

Appearing with the Oak Hill Drifters for the 2016-01-08 Smiling Bison show:

* Jessica Martens on violin

* Tim Lancaster on banjo

Please check out their shows and friend them on their FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/oakhilldrifters/

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