2014-05-03, Orlando FL. I recently (Sept. 2016) found some images from the second time I saw the Oak Hill Drifters in 2014, this time at Will’s Pub. Maybe it was the venue, when I met them the first time at Little Fish Huge Pond I talked with them after the gig on the street outside the bar, but Will’s Pub was a bigger show and I don’t think I even tried to re-introduce myself, and just took pictures on my iPhone from afar [sigh]. Little did I know that in a year I’d show up at gigs with my cameras and become an ever-present unofficial part of the band.

At Will’s Pub the group line up was apparently pre-George and Tommy Pearce. Enjoy…Oak Hill Drifters are/were:

* Rachel Decker on vocals and acoustic guitar

* Tom Cooper on vocals, electric and steel guitar

* Craig Roy on upright bass

* Tim James on drums

Please check out their shows and friend them on their FaceBook page at https://www.facebook.com/oakhilldrifters/

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