2018-10-29. Human Experience LV Open Mic Night

This was their 10-year anniversary show where I performed “Natalie.” When I first came to Las Vegas this open mic was held at Hop Nuts Brewery but was now hosted at Ninja Karaoke. I really need to do these things (and post them) more often. camera by Haley Sawtelle.

2018-10-29 Human Experience LV

2018-11-26. Ninja Karaoke Open Mic.

Same venue, new open mic name, added a song… I said that I’d be back… only way to get better is to keep doing. Got plenty of room for improvement. Enjoy.

2016-11-26 Ninja Karaoke Open Mic Night

2019-03-18 Ninja Karaoke Open Mic

My Cover of “Lovesong” by the Cure and Adele at Ninja Karaoke Open Mic on 2019-03-18. The line to sign up was out the door, but I was able to go early, spot number four and do my thing early in the evening. Enjoy.

2019-06-02. Some Assembly Required Band Performance

“LEAN ON ME” PERFORMED BY SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED BAND,  I recently did this song at Ninja Karaoke Open Mic on my birthday. I prefer this version. Lots of room for improvement… Enjoy.

2019-07-08 – Ninja Karaoke Open Mic

Joe Bustillos performing “Maybe It’s Time” and “Everybody is a Star” with the house band jumping on both songs.There was also a touching spoken word performance by a young woman called Destiny (second video below)

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