2016-07-10 Fiddler's Green, Winter Park FL.

I don’t do this nearly enough. I sang and played guitar with Stephen “The Poet” Clark in January and had such a great time I told the show organizer, Lauren, that I’d be back. Typical of the push/pull that I’m experiencing now that I’m moving away from Orlando, I had another great night at Fiddler’s Green and I wish that I could do this every Sunday evening… For now, I’ll enjoy the few weeks I have left before I see where else I can connect with other musical-types. The following two videos are the two songs I performed, "Natalie" and "Lovesong" (the Adele version).

2016-07-10 Fiddler's Green Open Mic

2016-07-17, Winter Park FL.

Second week in a row at Fiddlers’ Green for my projected penultimate session. Stephen “The Poet” Clark on camera. I remembered to intro each song this time (Stephen didn’t catch the intro of the first song…). I also decided to play “Natalie” again (eventually I’ll get it just right…).

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