2014-07-01, Orlando FL.

The below video is my full set of one tune (“A Talk with George” by Jonathan Coulton) on July 1, 2014, produced by Florida TV Events. Yes, I did an open mic on my 56th birthday. I’m old. Info on Jonathan Coulton’s music can be found at http://jonathancoulton.com. Enjoy.

2014-07-15 Orlando FL.

I haven’t been posting to the blog as much lately in part because I’ve been involved in a number of projects that’s taken time away from the blogging. One thing I’ve been doing more is playing music at open mic nights like the one at Sleeping Moon Cafe. The above video is my full set of four tunes (three covers and one original) on July 15, 2014, produced by Florida TV Events. Enjoy.

The second video below is a collection of short snippets that was shot by my friend Jennifer Campbell.

2014-07-22, Orlando FL.

Here’s a snippet of my set from this week’s open mic night. It might be a good thing that they didn’t catch the whole set… Guess we’ll have to work on that next time…

Links to the music played:

* Desperado by the Eagles

* A Man Needs A Maid by Neil Young

* Shower The People by James Taylor

2014-07-22 Sleeping Moon Cafe Open Mic snippets

2014-08-05, Orlando FL.

Here’s a video of my set from this week’s open mic night. Alas, er, I mean, fortunately our friends at Sleeping Moon Cafe and Florida Events TV have provide the recording of the whole set. Yay.

Here are links to the music played in my set:

* Desperado by the Eagles

* In My Life, from the Rubber Soul recording by the Beatles

* Everybody Is A Star by Joan Osborne

* Let It Be, from the Let It Be recording by the Beatles

Below my video are two videos by The Saturday Giant, who played a stage full of digital instruments to create a great listening experience. Enjoy.

Saturday Giant

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