2020-02 LEGO IDEAS Dinosaurs Fossils (21320)


by Joe Bustillos (construction/camera/editing)

iPhone FishEye Lens by Olloclip

Dinosaur Fossils LEGO kit 21320

“Atoms” by SmartSound

2020-01 through 2020-02, Las Vegas NV. I purchased several of these kits as Christmas gifts for family members and my girlfriend, Debra (and one for myself, of course). I got a chance to help Deb build her first LEGO kit, the T-Rex (and record the experience... time-lapse-style). Being the wonderful artist that she is, she couldn't be bothered reading the instructions and opened several parts bags, not knowing that you're supposed to only open one specific bag at a time because it can be hard to keep track of all the parts otherwise... It's been a fun experience sharing my love of LEGO with her. It really is important to find time to play with your friends whenever possible. 

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